Blinds Blinds are a big part of your lifestyle in your home but in many ways, they are the most unnoticed part of your interior decorating Most of us set our blinds at a certain level and leave them there all the time If you have a lot of shrubbery outside to give you privacy, you might leave your blinds up all the time But most of us close our blinds at night because even if there isnt anything going on in the house that demands discretion, having the windows closed off with sturdy blinds gives us that feeling of comfort and intimacy that the world is out there and we are in here



During the day, blinds are great for controlling the flow of light into each room If you have plants in the room, you want to be able to open your blinds to let the plants get plenty of sunlight But blinds that can be closed partially such as Venetian blinds give you the ability to accommodate the needs of your plants but still filter the light so you dont expose the woodwork of the room to fading or make the room too warm

Blinds give us a lot of control over our environment

When you think about it, a home without windows is out of the question We seem to have a need to feel connected to the outdoors by having windows that gives us a view of our yards, the street and the sky and other aspects of nature as well To have a home without windows would make us feel cut off and unhealthy Blinds then give us the ability to enjoy the quality of life that our windows provide us with but have some level of control over how much of nature you can see and how much you can be seen as well


When you first buy a home or even move into a rental space, the window dressings get a lot of attention Blinds are more than just functional units that are just there to block the light coming through the windows In some rooms that might be true but in rooms that are very social, blinds also perform the function of contributing to your interior decorating scheme and adding to the personality of each room

It is worthwhile from time to time to think about whether your blinds are making the kind of statement in each room that you want them to make

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