Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds Wood is a wonderful component for the blinds you put up in your home It has a warm feel about it that ties in beautifully with other parts of your décor that emphasize wood such as wood floors as well as furniture that you pride yourself on because of that rich wood feel Wood lends an atmosphere of elegance and good taste to your interior decorating so using wood in your blinds is a subtle way of making that contribution to the ambiance of your home

But there are some real benefits of going to a faux wood approach to your blinds instead of using real wood blinds

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood designs for blinds are generally either a blend of wood and plastic polymers or vinyl wood blinds that simulate the look and feel of wood beautifully Either of these materials do very well at giving you all of the decorating value of wood blinds but at a lower cost and with other benefits as well

Maybe one of the biggest selling points about using faux woods when you buy blinds is that they are far more worry free and durable than blinds made of pure wood Vinyl blinds are able to resist scratching and do not have the problems of warping or splitting that real wood blinds will give you

This means that once you put the blinds up, apart from routine cleaning that is necessary for all blinds, your faux wood style blinds will do there job with very little maintenance for decades

The manufacturers of blinds made of faux wood materials are extraordinarily good at reproducing that wood look Rarely will your guests go to the blinds to feel them and try to determine if they are real wood or not The effect that you want comes across without the cost and the maintenance issues that real wood blinds bring with them

Faux Wood Blinds

And because composite blinds use some wood, you can find good matches to your existing wood décor such as your hardwood floors when you go shopping for your blinds Like many kinds of shopping experiences, you can bring home swatches to match your faux wood style blinds to the interior or each room you are buying for to get a good match

Along with these compelling reasons to consider faux wood for your blinds, the environmental impact can be added For many, the idea that trees had to be cut down to make their blinds is disturbing

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