Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds Of the many varieties of window blinds, Venetian style blinds are easily the most well known Most of us can remember learning the simple techniques for raising and lowering this type of blind in our earliest childhood And in a public room, almost everybody in there knows how to operate the blinds if they are Venetian Not only have these kinds of blinds been around since you were young, they actually date all the back to the mid 1700s when they were invented in Venice, of course Since then they have become pretty much the standard for the kinds of blinds most people use in their homes or businesses


Venetian Blinds

Unlike the plain kind of blind that you sometimes see which consists of one solid piece of vinyl that you pull down and raise up, Venetian blinds consist of many long narrow metallic slats connected by two cords on each side that control how you can pull them up and lower them When the blinds are completely down, you just pull that cord and they gather all the way to the top and stay there by a locking mechanism built into the brains of the blinds The hardest thing about working Venetian blinds is learning to maneuver that cord to make them stay up You reverse that sideways motion to release the blinds and allow them to come down You can lower them a few inches, half way or at any level and then engage that lock so they stay where you want them to stay

The genius of Venetian blinds are those long metal slats Because there is plenty of room around all of them, Venetian blinds are very easy to clean Along with the one cord that you raise and lower the slats, you also have another cord that allows you to make the slats rotate You can make them all perfectly horizontal to the earth, which allows all of the sunlight to stream through them Or you can rotate them so there are perfectly vertical and they create a wall like barrier blocking out much of the outside sun and giving you privacy

Venetian Blinds

To clean your blinds, you have to rotate the slats to the orientation that you can work with and simply use a damp rag to clean off any dust that may have accumulated on them This makes the care and maintenance of the blinds very easy to do And since the design of the blinds is brilliant in its simplicity, Venetian blinds will last for years and years and serve tirelesslessly day after day

The blinds are probably the most common kind of window treatment there is which means you can find them at affordable prices These are all very basic reasons to include Venetian blinds on your list of potential window coverings

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